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The FADER premieres Lil Bizzy’s debut music video, “Bizzy’s in the House”

Ahead of his first (official) SXSW performance, Lil Bizzy released the video for his standout track, “Bizzy’s in the House.” In an email to Lakin Starling, he expressed:

“When I was listening to ‘Thuggish Ruggish Bone’ by my dad and his band, Tasha (Shatasha Williams), who sung the hook, thoroughly inspired me to put on for my city,” Bizzy explained to The FADER. “I know the world has heard it, but it’s a big song in Cleveland. It took me back to the 90s. That’s what inspired me.”

“As far as the video goes, I told my producer Rashad ‘I wanna keep it simple, but creative.’ We shot it in Cleveland. When you listen to it, you have to think about Cleveland.”

On the same day, the Cleveland-native artist released his debut extended play, SOUL. Watch the Khil Datta-directed video on the premiere site.


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